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The Entrepreneurial European University for Systemic Innovation

CrossEUniverse - The Entrepreneurial European University for Systemic Innovation

CrossEUniverse represents a strategic consortium, uniting universities, its students and staff, incubators, industry partners, startups, cities, and regional ecosystems, aimed at addressing the multifaceted social, ecological, and technological challenges confronting Europe today. Through its approach, CrossEUniverse is redefining the conventional roles of universities by introducing multidirectional knowledge transfer, systemic Deep Tech education, research developed and applied through Quadruple Helix collaboration. CrossEUniverse uniqueness is in its commitment to innovating education, and research, and its impact to European society by leveraging a holistic, systemic entrepreneurial framework. The alliance's interventions are aligned with the European Union’s Green Deal, the European Education Area, the European Research Area, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The CrossEUniverse partners, diverse in history and size, share a common commitment to entrepreneurship and embrace an open university approach

The CrossEUniverse European University is an ambitious consortium of eight universities and innovation ecosystems, leveraging the commitment of our partners to create a highly innovative university and a robust network platform.


Erasmus+ BiP – CrossEUniverse staff week for International Offices

Hochschule München welcomes CrossEUniverse Alliance members and other partner universities involved in European University alliances and consortia for an ERASMUS+ staff training week in Munich.

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Proposal for the European University Initiative submitted

CrossEUniverse consortium submitted a joint proposal under the 2024 Erasmus+ European Universities call. This call continues the rollout of the European Universities Initiative.

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CrossEUniverse leadership meeting

Presidents and Rectors of the CrossEUniverse member Universities met online to discuss the future strategy of the alliance

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CrossEUniverse project team met for workshop in Munich

Meeting of the CrossEUniverse project team on the occasion of the Start for Future (SFF) Moonshot Summit in Munich

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