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CrossEUniverse is an ambitious consortium of eight universities and innovation ecosystems, leveraging the commitment of our partners to create a highly innovative university and a robust network platform.

Hochschule München (HM)

Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences stands out as a comprehensive university with 14 faculties and an interdisciplinary School on Artificial Intelligence, providing a holistic entrepreneurship programme not only internally but also for the regional ecosystem, and internationally while serving as a driving force for European initiatives. HM is an open, metropolitan university with an international perspective. HM sees the teaching of social, political, ecological and economic responsibility in the local, national and international context as a key task. The global citizenship concept – directly linked with sustainability and a reflection on the social role of the university – provides a framework that guides our teaching, research and corporate relations and knowledge transfer. Recent evaluations have recognised HM as the most innovative and entrepreneurial university in Germany. Establishing CrossEUniverse, together with European partner universities, as an ambitious European entrepreneurial university is a key strategic vision and mission of HM.

Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is the premier Business and Economics University in Greece, and a leading institution in Southeastern Europe. It is a specialised, research-oriented university, located at the center of Athens. The University comprises three Schools:

  • School of Economics
  • School of Business Administration
  • School of Information Sciences and Technology.

Through its entrepreneurial arm, the Athens Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACEIn), AUEB is a leader in Greek academia in nurturing start-ups and new technologies.

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS)

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) is a large university located in the Netherlands. It consists of 7 faculties and 6 centres of expertise. With over 26.000 students from 125 countries and a diverse staff from 88 countries, THUAS contributes to a sustainable and just society. Programmes are offered in the fields of economics, technology, health care, social work, sports and teacher training. THUAS is naturally aligned with and connected to an enormous municipal, regional and national network on many different levels and across a multitude of themes, such as economic welfare for all, health innovation and (social) entrepreneurship. This is the basis upon which THUAS strives to cocreate with the professional field in order to have and make societal impact with our education and research. THUAS maintains close relationships with industry, business and public services.

International Burch University (IBU)

The mission of International Burch University is to support education, scientific research, and training of highly qualified personnel to work in academic and professional areas through the development of contemporary curricula and creation of an environment to trigger creative, objective, and critical thinking and continuous learning. Through its public activities, joint projects, and collaboration with private and public sector institutions as well as with international institutions, the IBU aims to improve the community and contribute to addressing local and global challenges. An important aspect of all activities is a friendly academic environment that encourages each student to take a leading role in reaching their personal and intellectual potential.

TecnoCampus Mataró (TCM)

TecnoCampus contributes to the economic and social growth of the territory linked to Mataró and the Maresme, through a comprehensive model of knowledge generation, training, business and innovation, with more than 4,000 students. It is committed to quality and professionalism in teaching, entrepreneurship and business services, in order to be a reference model. It is committed to actively contributing to economic and social improvement, through management based on ethics, equality, sustainability and the implementation of actions and initiatives that have a relevant impact on social progress. TCM also manages a technological and entrepreneurial park.

University of Economics Varna (UE-Varna)

University of Economics-Varna is one of the largest universities in the field of economic sciences in Bulgaria, with a transformative impact on society through continuous innovations in education, research, creativity and entrepreneurship. It supports the career development of students, supports students’ start-up businesses. UE-Varna offers 65 study programmes. The university business collaboration e-platform UEBN with over 20,000 users supports students‘ career development. The UEVA business accelerator supports students’ start-ups and also the entrepreneurial approach in education. UE-Varna is among the initiators of the creation of the first Deep Technological valley in Europe VDTIP. All this identifies it as an attractive center for those willing to receive an internationally recognised and modern business oriented educational product.

FH Campus Wien (FHCW)

With almost 8,000 students and 62 study programmes and courses, FH Campus Wien (FHCW) is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Austria. FHCW is characterised by its diverse range of disciplines and its strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. Students, academic and administrative staff from almost 90 different nationalities and a large number of international partners provide diverse perspectives, backgrounds and expertise to develop innovative approaches to face present and future global challenges.

Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT)

Dundalk Institute of Technology is a leading higher education provider in the Northeast of Ireland. The Institute is focused on the delivery of high quality learning, teaching, research and international engagement relevant to the educational, economic, social and cultural development of the region. Programmes are offered on both a full and part-time basis from Certificate to PhD level across the Schools of Business and Humanities; Engineering; Health and Science, and Informatics and Creative Arts.

Associated Partners


TTTech, Vienna

Digital Findet Stadt, Vienna

Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, Vienna

IV - Federation of Austrian Industries (Industriellenvereinigung), Vienna

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Lilium, Sarajevo


ICT Cluster, Varna

Regional Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Varna

The Edge, Sofia

Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Varna


JJ. Strossmayer University of Osijek


City of Munich, Department of Labor and Economic Development, Munich

Masterwerk, Munich


Tekmon, Athens

Uni.Fund, Athens


DkIT Connect DAC, Dundalk

Louth County Council, Dundalk

Overhaul, Dundalk (IRL) and Austin, Texas (USA)


University of Pisa


Kauno kolegija higher education institution (KK), Kaunas


Municipality of The Hague, ImpactCity, The Hague

Unknown Group - Global School for Entrepreneurship, The Hague

Medical Delta, The Hague and South Holland region


Ajuntament de Mataró (Mataró City Council), Mataró

PIMEC, Petita i Mitjana Empresa de Catalunya, Barcelona


Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian University, Kyiv

Start for Future Cooperative

Munich (Germany), Aarhus (Denmark), Tuzla (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Rzeszow (Poland), Aveiro (Portugal), Osijek (Croatia), Belfast (UK), Edinburgh (UK), Sofia (Bulgaria), Barcelona (Spain), Dundalk (Ireland), Thessaloniki (Greece), Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Athens (Greece), San Luis Obispo (USA), Kathmandu (Nepal), Melbourne (Australia), Toronto (Canada).