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Connecting Academic Excellence and Entrepreneurial skills for European universities, Start-ups and regional Innovation Ecosystems

Our mission is to develop a holistic, democratic, responsible and inclusive entrepreneurial model of a European University Alliance with a scalable framework for education, research, and co-creation across Europe. As partners in CrossEUniverse, we see ourselves as a growing network of networks. In line with the vision of the European Education Area, our primary goals are to prepare talents of different disciplines to shape our future and to foster systemic innovation and entrepreneurship.


We will build a democratic structure that embraces the diversity of universities and entrepreneurial activities. This is integral to cultivating an environment where innovation can flourish on a European level. By involving as many talents and stakeholders as possible from different sectors and fostering inclusivity, we lay the foundation for robust and resilient entrepreneurial ecosystems that can adapt and thrive in the face of challenges. A holistic perspective incorporating interrelated emerging parameters, feedback loops, and temporally delayed effects is essential in societal innovations to achieve long-lasting societal impact.


We will utilise a systemic approach that adopts a holistic perspective on innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems and their interconnection. Such a perspective that encourages collaboration among start-ups, industry, politics, and academia is vital for cultivating a regenerative society and leverages the synergies of innovation, economic forces, and effective policies to address complex challenges sustainably.


We will use entrepreneurship as a crucial tool, empowering talents, founders, and external stakeholders by instilling a sense of responsibility and recognizing the opportunity to utilise entrepreneurship as a scalable instrument for creating positive societal impact. Besides creating added value for customers, it is essential, that young talents see entrepreneurship as a powerful tool to create positive value for society, and ultimately for European citizens.

Objective 1: Create an Open European ‘Network of Networks‘

The primary aim is to establish an expansive European network involving higher education institutions (HEIs), incubators, industry entities, cities, and regional valleys. Key actions include strategic collaboration with diverse stakeholders, the transformation of existing formats, and the unification of at least 50 universities, 20 companies, and public organizations by 2034. CrossEUniverse‘s association with the SFF Cooperative further facilitates these efforts, fostering relations and collaborations. Initial collaborations with ten universities are anticipated, reaching over 500,000 students.

Objective 2: Develop & Implement New Approaches to Entrepreneurship & Co-Creation

Through the Systemic Deep Tech Education Hub, CrossEUniverse aims to pioneer a new systemic approach to project-based learning and venture creation. This involves adapting and implementing new curricula across partner universities, creating a joint Master’s degree programme, and implementing micro-credentials. The goal is to reach at least 60% of students across CrossEUniverse partners, supporting start-up creation with a focus on talent development, researchers, and ecosystem actors.

Objective 3: Integrate existing networks and their Formats into CrossEUniverse

The Impact and Co-Creation Hub seeks to refine the formats of CrossEUniverse universities and existing networks, such as the Start for Future (SFF) network, beyond conventional activities, creating a strategic programme for talent development. The hub envisions an international entrepreneurial CrossEUniverse university campus accessible both physically and digitally, serving as a focal point for talent development and industry collaboration. The programme will support the creation of 60 start-ups, and establish a Europe-wide innovation community aligned with UN SDGs.

Objective 4: Establish a Europe-wide Innovation Community

The Cross-Ecosystem Hub plays a crucial role in fostering ecosystem development and cross-regional collaboration. Anticipated impacts include enhanced ecosystem synergy, increased visibility for stakeholders, strengthened interconnectivity, facilitated cross-regional synergy through cross-border projects, and tangible innovation outcomes reaching Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) of 4-6.