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CrossEUniverse leadership meeting

18. January 2024.

Presidents and Rectors of CrossEUniverse member universities met online on Wednesday January, 17 to discuss the future strategy of the alliance. Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer, CEO of HMs Entrepreneurship Center SCE outlined the mission and vision of the CrossEUniverse European University alliance, referring to CrossEUniverse‘s characteristics as a holistic, democratic and systemic entrepreneurial university consortium with a long-term perspective on creating a European incubator, connecting regional innovation ecosystems and offering new innovation, co-creation and smart specialisation opportunities to all participating universities, businesses, local governments and stakeholders in society. Pavlina Vujovic, Head of Internationalisation at SCE reminded the importance of the European Union’s policies on higher education and the alignment of the proposal respectively. She added further technical explanations and underlined key topics of CrossEUniverse, such as mobility, regenerative economics, healthcare and explained that CrossEUniverse will utilise entrepreneurship as driving vehicle for advancing innovation and socio-ecological change in these areas.

Subsequently, the presidents and rectors discussed the strong, innovative points of the CrossEUniverse proposal and. The attendees stated that they will spearhead the CrossEUniverse transformation process in their institutions, convincing university bodies, departments, professors to join this vision of a democratic, systemic and responsible entrepreneurial European University.